WATCH: Man slaps Hardik Patel on stage at Congress meeting in Gujarat’s Surendranagar

A man slapped Hardik Patel on stage at a meeting in Surendranagar district of Gujarat. The incident happened when he was addressing an election rally. A man came on the stage and slapped him. However, the man who slapped the Congress leader is yet to be identified. The reason for the move is also not known. As soon as Hardik began his speech, a man suddenly came on the stage and slapped him. The man looked angry and was seen saying something to the Congress leader after slapping him. However, he was overpowered by Congress workers present there and was taken away from the venue. The man was later handed over to the police. Surendranagar SP Mahendra Bagadia later informed that the police were yet to investigate who the man was and why he slapped Hardik. CPI National Secretary D Raja condemned the attack on Patel saying nobody should resort to such violence. Speaking to PTI, he said: After all we are a Nobody should resort to such violence. It should be condemned and appropriate action should be taken against the attacker. Hardik Patel blamed the BJP for the attack and said: Today, an attempt was made to slap me but tomorrow BJP would want to shoot me. I raise the voice of youth and farmers, he said. Earlier in March, Hardik joined the Congress in the presence of Rahul Gandhi.