Viral TikTok video: Groom plays PUBG on wedding day as baffled wife looks on

Newly wed couples unable to take their eyes off each other is not something unheard off. It is usually the case that a groom can Well, not in the case of this young man who took his dedication towards mobile game PUBG to a whole new level. Instead of enjoying his own wedding ceremony with his wife, the groom had his eyes glued on his phone on which he was busy playing PUBG. Watch how the groom takes PUBG dedication to the next level The video showing the groom with his attention focussed on the phone as the baffled bride looked on has gone viral on social media, especially TikTok and Facebook. The young man with dyed hair and a garland around his neck can be seen engrossed in the game. Even the loud music blaring in the background fails to deter him from his resolve as his clueless wife looks on. The video continues as a relative shows up, giving the groom a wedding gift but he pushes it away too. It still remains unclear whether the video was staged, however, it is unlikely that someone would halt their wedding to make such a video. The mobile game has been banned in some states of India. A few PUBG players were even arrested and their mobile phones confiscated in Gujarat However, in neighbouring Nepal, its top court lifted the ban temporarily last week. READ ALSO | Avtar Singh, BJP councillor who once sold tea, is now North Delhi mayor While authorities in India and abroad try their best to reign in video game addiction, it seems that their efforts are futile in some cases. And it is not just PUBG that is seemingly killing relationships. Not A 2017 paper has shown that young Americans were having less sex than they usually did 30 years ago, and one of the reasons is on-demand video streaming. In a survey conducted in March, every fourth person chose binge-watching over intimacy in the preceding six months. The survey revealed that younger people were more inclined to do so, with around 36 percent in the 18-38 age group choosing Netflix over Chill.