UP: Woman wants her child Narendra Damodardas Modi to be rechristened Aftab Alam

An Uttar Pradesh-based Muslim woman who had named her child after PM Narendra Modi wants to change the name of the kid who was born on May 23, the day results of the Lok Sabha elections were declared. According to a report in The Indian Express, Mehnaz Begum of Parsapur Mahraur village in Gonda, said that she wants to name the child Aftab Alam Mohd Modi, but needs help filing a revised affidavit. This comes after Mehnaz and her family faced backlash from people of the community for naming the child after a Hindu leader. Earlier, reports had emerged that Mehnaz had delivered a baby at a community health centre in Wazirganj on May 23 and named the newly born child Narendra Damodardas Modi Mehnaz now said that she regrets naming her child after the Prime Minister and blamed her journalist cousin Mushtaq Ahmed for convincing her to pull off the In an affidavit submitted to Assistant Development Officer (Panchayat) Ghanshyam Pandey, the 25-year-old lady declared that her child was born on May 12 and not on May 23 as claimed by her earlier. Hum toh apne khala ke ladke ke behkawe mein aa gaye ( I had no idea it would become such a big issue. I fell for what my aunt Mehnaz said that it was her cousin Mushtaq Ahmed, a journalist in Gonda, who convinced her to name the child after Narendra Modi and spread the word that her kid was born on May 23. The news about Mehnaz and her baby was carried out first in a Hindi daily where Mushtaq was employed. I am illiterate and don Ghanshyam Pandey confirmed that he has received an affidavit from Mehnaz and that he has forwarded it to the DMs office for further consideration. When Mushtaq was asked about Mehnazs claim, he denied the allegations and accusing her of lying about the child She told me she would name her child Narendra Damodardas Modi and I agreed to write about it in the newspaper I work for. But I didn Dr Ashutosh Shukla, Superintendent of the Community Health Centre at Wazirganj, where Mehnaz delivered the baby, also said that the boy was born on May 12. According to Mehnaz, her husband Mohd Mushtaq Ahmed works as a mason in Dubai and sends her money every month to meet expenses. But he hasnt sent money for June because he is angry with the whole controversy. She said that he had visited home last in November 2018. He usually sends Rs 4,000 a month. Only when he comes again for Diwali this year will I be able to explain to him what happened. I hope he sends me money from next month. This house belongs to my father-in-law and I don She said that some people belonging to her community boycotted her family because they had issues with naming the child after a Hindu leader. This Eid, very few people came home to eat sewai, whereas every year, we would be tired washing the dishes. Some people in the village have been saying that I will be sent to jail for lying. Now I am scared. If I go to jail, who will look after my children? When Mehnazs father-in-law Mohd Idris was asked about the controversy, he said that on May 22, she and Mushtaq were talking and planning something but he didnt interfere. He said that on May 24, Mushtaq published a story in the newspaper about her naming the child Narendra Modi. After that, several other media people came and interviewed us. When I asked Mehnaz about the child


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