Those opposing anti-triple talaq law will not be allowed to succeed, says PM Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Sunday targeted the opposition parties over the issue of instant triple talaq, saying the Congress and its allies were working overtime to stall a bill against the practice, but vowed to ensure they dont succeed. Addressing a rally at Bhadohi, which has a sizeable Muslim population and goes to the polls on May 12, Modi accused the Congress and its partners of compelling Muslim women to live in fear. The Prime Minister said the practice of instant triple talaq has been abolished in several Muslim countries of the world. Their daughters lives are not destroyed in the name of triple talaq. We want to give the same rights to our Muslim sisters in India, he said. The Modi government introduced a bill to ban the practice of talaq-e-biddat or instant triple talaq and it was passed by Lok Sabha. But it lapsed in the Upper House. Also read: And the Constitution of India gives equal rights to both men and women. We are working to ensure that the women get equal rights and justice. The Congress and its allies are compelling the sisters, whose lives have been destroyed because of instant triple talaq, to live in fear. These mahamilawati people are working day and night to stop the anti-triple talaq law. But I will not allow them to succeed, Modi vowed. He also said Indias point of view is being accepted world across and the country gets respect everywhere. From Saudi Arabia to the United Arab Emirates and from the Philippines to Russia, every country is bestowing its highest honour on India. When you get these news, do you feel proud? Dont you hold your head high? Doesnt your chest swell with pride, he told the audience. Countries such as Russia, Saudi Arabia and the UAE have conferred their highest civilian awards on Modi. Referring to terror attacks, Modi said whenever any such incident takes place the pain is felt across the country. When any terror attack takes place in Kashmir, tears are shed in Bhadohi, the heart of people goes out in Kanyakumari. Everybody feels the pain. When bodies of martyred soldiers are brought at their native place draped in tricolour, everybody feels that they have lost their own son. But in retaliation, when there is a surgical strike, dont you feel proud? Now do you feel that there is the right government (in place) and its working properly? he asked. Modi also referred to Indias successful launch of anti-satellite missile in March. India shot down a satellite with a missile, how did you feel? This is the strength of the country. Did any country in the world oppose us or impose sanctions? he asked. When you work with the right policy and intention, keeping the welfare of the people in mind, even impossible becomes., to which the crowd replied, possible. Modi also said hundreds of Indians lodged in jails in Saudi Arabia are being sent home by that country before Ramzan after he requested Saudi Crown Prince to free them. Our 850 people were lodged in jails of Saudi Arabia. A few days ago, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia had come to India I requested him that our people lodged in Saudi jails be freed so that they can reach their home before Ramzan. He agreed to my request, and started sending them to their houses before Ramzan.