Doctors strike ends, Mamata Banerjee accepts demands, says proud of medicos

By Ravik The strike, triggered by an attack on a doctor by the family of patient who died at the NRS Medical College and Hospital in Kolkata, saw doctors across the country joining the protests and observing a shutdown on Monday in response to a call by the Indian Medical Association (IMA). A delegation of 31 junior doctors and medical students met the chief minister for nearly 90 minutes at the state secretariat Nabanna. I will request you to return to work. We are proud of our doctors. Attacks on doctors will not be tolerated. Not all relatives of patients are bad, only a small section gets agitated after a mishap. We will try and prevent such incidents. We will take everyone into Even in 0.1% cases of such incidents, police will take strong action. I will shortly visit the doctor I feel bad that I could not visit him, Archisman Bhattacharya, a student of the Calcutta Medical College and among the representatives of junior doctors at the meeting, said: We will end the strike. But I humbly request you (chief minister) to allow us to announce it at the NRS Hospital, the epicentre of the agitation. After she heard out the junior doctors, the chief minister gave instructions and suggestions to improve the conditions. The government decided to boost the security mechanism in hospitals, and create awareness among the masses against assault on doctors. Banerjee suggested installation of collapsible gates in the emergency section, and restricting entry to only two members of a patient She suggested that public relations officers work in three shifts in medical college and district hospitals. She also asked the administration to prominently display the patient grievance cell signboards in hospitals. She asked police to act swiftly in cases of attacks on doctors. Read Also| West Bengal medical crisis a symptom of underfunded public health A junior doctor at the meeting said: We tried to send you a message which did not reach you properly. We understand that people are suffering, but for a long time we have been facing assaults. I suggest we put collapsible gates in emergencies, and only allow two persons inside with a patient. Proper public relations officers working in three shifts should be placed. They should talk to relatives, inform them if there And please put up big signboards in three languages, She said that representatives of junior doctors will be included in future meetings regarding hospital administration. Acknowledging that political leaders sometime cause trouble inside hospitals, she instructed police to take steps. Police should have a nodal officer to look specifically into security at hospitals and a toll-free number which can be called in case of an incident. I ask the police to make sure they act in time when an incident happens. One should alert all police stations about this, A section of interns raised issues relating to hospital infrastructure and the chief minister promised to look into the issues.


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