Delhi witnesses second driest June in 26 years

The national capital witnessed its second driest June in 26 years, recording a meagre 6.6 mm of rainfall, India Meteorological Department officials said Monday. It was also the most rain-deficient state in June, recording 90 per cent less than normal rainfall. On an average, the city records 64.1 mm of precipitation in June. This time, it gauged only 6.6 mm of rainfall, making it the driest state in the country. The city had witnessed its driest June in 1993, recording just 5 mm of rainfall, an IMD With a rain deficiency of 82 per cent, Chandigarh remained the second driest state in June. It recorded just 24.8 mm of rainfall against the average of 137 mm from June 1 and July 1, he said. The delay in the onset of monsoon is the primary reason. Normally, the wind system reaches the city by June 29. Had it been on time, it could have made up for the rain deficiency, Kuldeep Srivastava, senior scientist at IMD, said. Western Disturbance also did not have any major impact on the weather in the city. Delayed onset of easterly winds, which brings moisture to the region and causes pre-monsoon rainfall, is another reason. So far, the city has witnessed dry westerly and northwesterly winds only, Srivastava said. Today, we have easterly winds and Delhi can witness some rain activity in the next three to four days. Monsoon is likely to make an onset on July 4-5, he said.


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