BJP will not need support outside NDA to form the government: Rajeev Chandrasekhar | Watch Video

Lok Sabha Election 2019: BJP MP Rajeev Chandrasekhar is confident of the BJP retaining the power at the centre on the back of widespread support for Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He says Modi governments track record will ensure that BJP will have enough seats to form the government on its own. In an exclusive interaction with Financial Express Onlines Krishnanand Tripathi, he says Narendra Modi has emerged as the clear choice of voters for the Prime Ministers position. Edited excerpts: Q: How has been the BJPs campaign so far? A: In my opinion this election campaign has been very interesting because this election is very different from different the election in 2014. This is a pro-incumbency election and people were responding to the last five years of Narendra Modis government, and especially when it was positioned and presented in comparison to the 10 years of UPA. And during the campaigning in Karntaka, I also compared it with five years of Rahul Gandhis Congress government in Karnataka. So, it has been extremely positive election from our point of view. But of course, I think, as you can see the Congress has resorted to very negative, very vicious campaign that is targeting the Prime Minister. READ ALSO: Ground Report: PM Modi still favourite, but party faces dissent of Brahmins, OBCs in Eastern UP Q: How your party is going to form the government as the scope to grow beyond the previous election is limited for your party in North India? A: First of all, I think that is a fiction. I dont see any evidence that the states that have strongly supported Narendra Modi in 2014 will not continue to do so with the same strength. I have been to Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh as I have been to other states in the south and I can assure you that the support for the Narendra Modi is extremely strong. And support for the question that people have asked: who do you want us Prime Minister in 2019? Do you want Narendra Modi? Do you want Rahul Gandhi or do you want Mayawati? The answer to that question is an emphatic Narendra Modi in terms of wanting him as the Prime Minister. So, I dont think that there is going to be any reduction in the BJPs tally at all and as a matter of fact I will put my neck out on a limb and believe that this kind of support and this kind of momentum for Prime Minister Modi and the BJP will mean that the BJP will even probably come close to 300 or even crossing it on its own. Q: How many seats your party BJP hopes to win in South India? A: I think its very difficult right now to tell you what the seats and I dont want to do a seat by seat prediction. But clearly in all four states that I have visited extensively, the support, popular support for Narendra Modi is significant. In some states for example, like in Andhra and maybe even Telengana, our organization is not as much developed as it is in Karnataka or even in Kerala now. So the seat numbers may vary, but the vote share and the support for Narendra Modi, even in the states where BJP has had no presence at all like Bengal or Odisha or Kerala will be a surprise to everybody whos watching this election on May 23. READ ALSO: Securing world Also, I am putting forth to you my clear confidence that the BJP will do very well. And you know that our party president today said in a newspaper that he expects the numbers to cross 282. So, I have absolutely no reason to believe that there will be any need for any support even outside the NDA. Q: Your party targeted 150 seats in Gujarat in 2017 elections but it came down to 98 seats. So obviously political parties will try to win maximum number of seats but they are also realistic. They also prepare for the worst-case scenario. So what is your Plan B? READ ALSO: Every fifth candidate in 3rd phase has criminal record, two-third charged for serious crimes like rape, murder A: You must understand one thing the difference between a state election or even the three state elections pre-December and this election is a very simple proposition. every voter today, man, woman and first time voter is aware that these elections are to decide who is going to be the Prime Minister of India. And that question is a very simple question and it reflects a choice that is being put in front of the voters: is it Narendra Modi that you want as Prime Minister or do you want Rahul Gandhi as the prime minister or do you want Mayawati? That question is the same question whether youre a voter in Gujarat or Bundelkhand or in Bihar or in Himachal Pradesh. A any voter today who is genuinely interested in his or her familys prosperity going forward will choose and vote for Narendra Modi So, I dont see any correlation. And all this arithmetic that people are talking about saying that this caste equation that caste equation, all this will collapse under the power and the weight of that simple question: who do you want as the Prime Minster of this country? And that question is a simple question, but it is a question that will defeat every other arithmetical caste combination and machinations that political parties have done in this country for so many years. READ ALSO:Ground report: Will Delhi\u2019s autowallas dump their hero Arvind Kejriwal?