Watch: Day after Kolkata doctors’ strike ends, angry crowd ransack Delhi hospital over rape of minor

A day after West Bengal doctors called off their strike, a violent mob created ruckus inside a Delhi hospital over alleged rape of a minor girl. According to multiple media reports, an angry crowd attacked doctors at Maharishi Valmiki Hospital and ransacked the ward where the girl was admitted. The ruckus inside the hospital premises was caused over rape of a four-year-old girl. Police, however, said that the situation has been brought controlled and is peaceful now, news agency ANI reported late Tuesday night. Reports have emerged that a 4-year-old girl was taken to the hospital for medical treatment after the child was allegedly raped by a man, 45, in Bawana earlier on Tuesday. A video, said to be of the hospital, shows crowd in an altercation with security staff and ransacking the facility, damaging the furniture other assorted objects inside the hospital premises. #WATCH Delhi: Locals create ruckus at Maharishi Valmiki Hospital.Police says,Some ppl gatheredcreated ruckus over rape of a girl.Situation peaceful now. 4-yr-old girl was admitted in the hospital for medical treatment after she was allegedly raped in Bawana area earlier today.\/fru63aVeN7 The child was playing in her area just a few miles away from her house when he advanced towards her, they said, as per an Indian Today report. The victims guardians went to the Bawana police station and reported the incident, police have said. It is being reported that some medical tests were still required to be done. However, the medical emergency department shuts down post 4 PM, the ANI report said. Seeing the need to for the test, the hospital referred the case to Dr BSA Hospital, which was 8-10 km away. The referral angered the locals, who went ransacked the furniture and other properties inside the premises. The agitated crowd went so violent that the hospital staff had to escape the situation. The police promptly reached the spot as the incident was reported and controlled the situation. The police said that the accused has been detained and a case under the POSCO Act (Protection of Children from Sexual Offences) and other sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) has been filed. The report comes after the junior doctors ended their week-long strike in West Bengal on Monday night after Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee assured that the government will take necessary action to ensure the safety of the doctors in government hospitals. The medical professionals had been staging protests after two of their colleagues were assaulted by the family of a patient who died at the NRS Hospital and Medical College. The doctors had reportedly accused the family of bringing a crowd with them for the assault. And now after the strike was called off, work has resumed in all the 14 medical college and hospitals in West Bengal.


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