Rahul Gandhi in Wayanad: Committed to defending people under attack by Modi

Congress President Rahul Gandhi, who is on a three-day visit to Kerala to thank the people of Wayanad for electing him, on Friday said that he was committed to defending people who are under attack by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This Lok Sabha polls, Rahul Gandhi contested from two seats He won from Wayanad by over 4 lakh votes but lost his traditional seat Amethi to the BJP. We are committed to defending space of opposition, defending weak people in this country, defending people who are under attack by Mr Modis policies and Mr Modi himself. I look forward to representing you and working with you to build a better Wayanad, ANI quoted Gandhi as saying. #RahulGandhiWayanad pic.twitter.com\/1mffkT2X3n .Congress party knows and understands that the only way to combat hatred is through love and affection, the Congress chief said. #RahulGandhiWayanad pic.twitter.com\/VlUWDdmTsq I will be in Wayanad, Kerala starting this afternoon and till Sunday to meet citizens Congress Party workers. It


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