Rahul Gandhi confident that millions of youngsters stepping out to vote want ‘Nyay’ for every Indian

Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday expressed confidence that millions of youngsters stepping out to vote want Nyay (justice) for every Indian and will cast their ballot wisely. His appeal came as Across India, millions of youngsters are stepping out to vote, many of them for the first time. In their hands lies the future of India, Gandhi said. Im confident that they want NYAY for every Indian and will vote wisely, he tweeted and tagged a short video of the Congress Ab hoga Nyay theme focusing on youngsters. The Congress on April 8 announced Ab Hoga Nyay as its battle cry for the Lok Sabha polls and launched a campaign centred around the theme of justice, while alluding to the partys proposed minimum income scheme and the anyay (injustice) prevailing under the BJP rule. Earlier, Congress For the bright future of the youth, for the progress of the farmers, for profit of small businesses, for rights of the deprived, do cast your vote because ab hoga nyay (justice will be done), Surjewala said.