Nitish Kumar breaks silence over Encephalitis deaths, says expressing grief not enough

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Monday finally broke his silence over the outbreak of Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES) in the state, leading to the death of more than 150 kids. Terming it an extremely serious issue, Nitish said that merely expressing grief on the outbreak is not enough. The state government has been facing a lot over flak over its handling of the outbreak, that led to the death of over 150 kids. Pointing out that his government was doing everything possible, Kumar said several meetings were held and the issue has been discussed at length. Nitish was addressing the Bihar Legislative Assemby on the first day of the Session that was marred by protests from the Rashtriya Janata Dal on the issue of AES deaths and the slide in Bihars ranking in the NITI Ayogs healthcare index. I held a meeting at AIIMS Patna in 2015 and various experts had different views as to what is the reason for it. A report was even sent to the US to get an expert opinion on it and all had different views, The CM, while admitting that most hospitals do not heve proper facilities to treat patients, assured the house that the Bihar government is taking a number of steps to ensure prevention of the disease. Bihar Health Minister Mangal Pandey claimed that the disease has seen a downward trend in the state in the last few years. The minister said that measures including raising awareness among people about the infection are being carried out. Death rate in the state has reduced to 21 percent. According to 2011-19 data, the death rate due to this decease has fallen in the past few years, An All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) team has blamed administrative failure and state


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