Muzaffarpur crisis: Sadar Hospital with special AES ward gets four patients in a month as SKMC runs out of beds

The Sri Krishna Medical College and Hospital (SKMCH) of Muzaffarpur has been in the news for all the wrong reasons over the last one month. So far, over 130 children have lost their lives here due to Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES). The hospital is overcrowded by the patients suffering from AES and there is no end to new patients. The situation has at the hospital has raised serious questions over the state governments claim of providing quality health treatment to the public. Usually, in an ICU, a patient whose condition is critical is kept under observation of medical experts and there are strict restrictions on the admission of patients attendants. However, scenes at the SKMCHs ICU are completely different. The state-run medical college and hospital is overcrowded and as a result, doctors re forced to accommodate three to four patients on one bed in ICUs. Several kids have been given a place on the floor of the ICU. The hospital is the lone such facility in the region where super-specialty treatment is provided to the patients. Perhaps this is the reason why SKMCH has been the first preference of the locals. The hospital has a special ward and other facilities for treatment of AES. However, the number of patients the hospital has been drawing in the last few weeks have made the situation worse and doctors are finding it difficult to deal with it. Watch video: Interestingly, the situation at the Muzaffarpur districts Sadar Hospital is completely different. The hospital has no patient. According to a report by India TV, the hospital has all facilities like beds, oxygen cylinders, medicians and other equipment but there is no patient in the hospital. It said that the hospital record shows only four patients have been admitted in last one month – one on May 24 and three on June 15. The Sadar Hospital even has a separate ward for AES patients. Packets of ORS and other AES medicines, glucometer are also available at the hospital. However, staff say that people dont come to the Sadar Hospital because they have no confidence in the doctors practicing here. Also, during a recce of the hospital, it was found that there were no doctors present in the OPD and Emergency. Patients waiting for doctors say that it has become a daily routine here. When hospital staff were asked about the whereabouts of the doctors, they were clueless. Records show that the paediatric department at the hospital has two doctors, but only one was present. Patients say that they come to the hospital and return without meeting doctors because they are never present there. The situation was the same in almost all the other units. When SMCH superintendent Sunil Sahi was asked about the facilities at the Sadar Hospital, he said that it is up to the administration and made it clear that he cant ask a patient to go to another hospital. Arrangements should be made there (Sadar Hospital). The administration should look into this to reduce the burden from the hospital (SKMCH) which is overcrowded. The hospital cant return a patient or ask him to go to a different hospital. According to him, a patient goes to a doctor or hospital where he has confidence, he said. He added that directions can be given at the level of Civil Surgeon to make arrangements at Sadar Hospital.


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