Kashmir’s only woman DC is trying to curb school drop out rates for girls; here’s how

In a bid to help girls not miss classes due to period issues, 33-year Syed Sehrish Asgar, Kashmir The 2013-batch IAS officer as a woman is well aware of the menstrual hygiene issues school girls go through. Starting this week, every higher secondary girls The district administration As per 33-year-old Asgar, dropout rate, at present, is nearly 20 percent. Syed Sehrish Asgar told the Indian Express that by opening up a dialogue on menstrual hygiene, she is hoping to give a push to the concept that But it was an uphill task. Such projects have no budget allocations so Asgar turned to the state These units will be placed at 106 high and higher secondary schools, five degree colleges and one ITI in the district, Besides these, dispensers will be placed at the DC And things are not restricted to that either. READ ALSO | This decision was taken because Asgar says that when she became the DC in June last year, toilet facilities in several schools were broken, which discouraged students from coming back to school. 13-year-old Zahida Manzoor and her friends confirm that in Razwan, toilets are broken and also have no water supply so they go to their homes during the lunch break to use restroom facilities and return for class afterwards. Now that these facilities in the schools in Budgam have been made functional and are being repaired, it showed a marked difference in school attendance like the middle school in Jawalapora. Asgar is of the opinion that women need a society where they care about their health and hygiene while not feeling ashamed of it. We need structures in our public spaces where they can feel comfortable,


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