BJP-led NDA may win key Rajya Sabha majority next year

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Dominating both houses is essential to pass controversial legislation that the BJP has promised, such as granting citizenship to non-Muslim immigrants from neighbouring Bangladesh and Pakistan. The prediction by PRS Legislative Research, which tracks the functioning of India The BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) could control 107 seats, seven more than its current tally and just 15 short of a majority in the 243-member chamber, PRS said. Most members of the Rajya Sabha are elected by lawmakers from state assemblies, while a dozen are nominated by the central government. All of them enjoy a full-term lasting six years, with a third of the house retiring after every second year. The increases in the NDA numbers in the projection come from states like Uttar Pradesh that the BJP resoundingly won in the 2017 state election. PRS Some of the key parties have supported the NDA in the past. Modi and the BJP already have an iron grip over the Lok Sabha after they won a general election last month with a landslide mandate, improving on his massive win in 2014. During his first term, though, the government The government A senior BJP leader, who declined to be named, told Reuters the party is looking to stitch up a two-thirds majority in both houses. That would allow it to pass constitutional amendments such as ending the decades-old special rights for the people of Jammu and Kashmir, the country Such a move would be regarded as highly inflammatory by separatists in Kashmir and by Pakistan as they argue it could lead to many more Hindus moving into the state from other parts of India, changing the religious balance of the region. The BJP India In the Lok Sabha, Congress controls only 52 seats, compared to the BJP


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