Assam woman who was tagged foreigner released after 3 years, police admits ‘mistaken identity’

Assam authorities on Wednesday admitted that they mistook a 50-something woman as a foreigner in case of mistaken identity, the Hindustan Times has reported. The admission came on a day when over 1 lakh were excluded from National Register of Citizens (NRC) draft list. The woman named Madhubala Mondal was declared a foreigner in 2016 and taken to a detention centre in Assam where she was kept for more than three years. The 59-year-old was released on Wednesday after Assam Police admitted that it had made a mistake in identifying the woman, an official was quoted in the report. The border branch of the Assam police had to arrest Madhumala Das, who was an alleged foreigner living in Chirang districts No.1 Bishnupur village. However, the woman had died by then, and the visiting police personnel arrested Madhubala Mondal instead. After Madhubala Mondal was arrested in 2016 by Assam Police, she was sent to detention camp in neighbouring Kokrajhar, Superintendent of Police (Chirang district) Sudhakar Singh was quoted as saying by HT. READ ALSO |Son of MGNREGA labourers cracks JEE Main despite school not having Science teachers A new ray of hope came in the form of the social workers from Chirang district. These workers brought her case to the attention of the Assam government. The investigation took over three years to complete, but finally, it brought out the truth. The government ordered the Assam police to file an affidavit admitting to the error of mistaken identity in the Foreigners Tribunal which paved way for Madhubala Mondals release. And this is not the first such case. Amila Sah, 40, from Sonitpur Incidentally, the names of her family members were listed in the draft of National Register of Citizens draft earlier this month. Similarly, Army veteran Mohammad Sanaullah was also detained as a foreigner and was granted bail by the Gauhati High Court.


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