Arvind Kejriwal rakes up Delhi statehood issue at NITI Aayog meeting

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Saturday raked up the issue of full statehood to Delhi at the NITI Aayog meeting here and also sought the Centres cooperation in the AAP governments project for natural storage of water in the Yamuna flood plains. Delhi be given the status of full statehood, which has been promised since decades but denied by successive central governments, the chief minister was quoted as saying in the meeting chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The ruling Aam Aadmi Party had made the full statehood issue its poll plank in the recent Lok Sabha election, saying it has been unable to carry out its schemes effectively in Delhi due to the Centres interference. Delhi government wants Centres cooperation in its mega-project for natural storage of water in the Yamuna flood plains. Important studies, including from IIT Delhi, show in case this is done, water storage during a single Monsoon will be sufficient to end water shortage in Delhi for two years, the chief minister said. Kejriwal also lamented that Delhi was not getting its share in central taxes. According to 14th Finance Commission, states get 42 per cent share in central taxes. whereas Delhi gets a paltry Rs 325 crore, the chief minister said.


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