Wayanad: Man straps bomb to his waist, blows himself up with friend’s wife

Wayanad blast: In what resembled to be a scene from a movie, a man reportedly strapped a bomb to his waist and then triggered a blast after hugging a woman killing them both in Keralas Wayanad district. The incident took place in Sulthan Bather area on Friday, April 26. According reports in the local media, the man identified as Peringattel Benny strapped a thotta – a local improvised explosive device used for fishing – and went to Amalas house on Friday afternoon. Benny was a family friend of the 38-year womans husband Elavana Nazar. Benny went straight inside Amalas house and triggered a blast killing himself and the woman on the spot. Amalas husband had gone to a nearby mosque for Friday prayers when the incident occurred. Neighbours rushed immediately to the house after hearing the deafening sound of the blast, however, no one could be saved. The blast was so powerful that Amalas daughter, who was playing outside the house was left unconscious. Luckily, the five-year-old didnt suffer any serious injury in the blast. The police is investigating the case from all angles and also taking help from forensic experts, bomb and dog squads to ascertain the nature of the explosives used. While Amala and her husband ran an Akshaya centre, Benny, who was a carpenter, had a furniture shop.