TRS leaders indulging in high-handedness against BJP workers, says Bandi Sanjay Kumar

BJP MP from Karimnagar Bandi Sanjay Kumar Saturday alleged that the ruling TRS in Telangana indulged in high-handedness and excesses against its workers after they bagged four of the 17 seats in the Lok Sabha polls. Especially after the parliament elections, the high handedness and lawlessness of TRS leaders are rising in places where BJP won and from where it obtained a higher vote percentage, he told reporters. Referring to the murder of a youth, said to be a BJP activist, in Mahabubnagar, he alleged that the TRS regime was moving on the path of Trinamool Congress in West Bengal and Pinarayi Vijayan government in Kerala, harassing BJP supporters. Also read: Students and youth are brought to police stations and threatened even for small mistakes for supporting BJP, he claimed. BJP would fight such excesses democratically, he added.


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