Ramdev says May 23 should be celebrated as Modi Diwas

Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev on Monday said that May 23 should be celebrated as Modi Diwas. He said this was a historic day when people of the country elected Narendra Modi as Prime Minister with a brute majority. He further said that over 50 per cent of India had reposed faith in BJP-led NDA under Prime Minister Modi. This is an unprecedented event in Indian politics. I want May 23 to be remembered either Modi Diwas or Lok Kalyan Diwas, he said. Ramdev further said that a person who comes from a very humble background got the support from the people across the country. He said Modi single-handedly led the saffron party which got the majority on its own. Modi ji has earned the confidence of crores of people and that too when all the opposition had united (against him).but Modi fought like a warrior and won the hearts of the people. This is why I appeal that May 23 should be celebrated either as Modi Diwas, he said while launching dairy products of Patanjali. In the recently concluded polls, the BJP-led NDA bagged 353 of 542 parliamentary seats with over 45 per cent vote share. The BJP alone got 303 seats with over 37 per cent vote share, 6 per cent more than what it had got in 2014. In the last election, the saffron party had won 282 seats with 31.3 per cent vote share. This is the second time the BJP under Prime Minister Narendra Modi has got an absolute majority. Before Modi, the highest number of seats the BJP had won was 182 in 1998 under Atal Bihari Vajpayee. But in consequent polls, the party slipped to 138 in 2004 and 116 in 2009 when LK Advani was at the helm. In 2014, then Gujarat CM Modi was declared the prime ministerial face of the BJP. Modi will be sworn in as the Prime minister for a second consecutive term on May 30.