PM Modi breaks silence on Jharkhand lynching in Rajya Sabha, says deeply pained by incident

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today broke his silence on the lynching of a Muslim man in Jharkhand, saying the incident has pained him and the law must take the full course to bring the perpetrators of the crime to justice. Speaking in the Rajya Sabha on the motion of thanks to the President, Modi said that the incidents of lynching are sad but to blame the entire state is not right as it will not solve the problem. He was responding to Congress leader of opposition in Rajya Sabha Ghulam Nabi Azad who had said that Jharkhand has become a lynching factory where Muslims were targeted every week. Responding to him, the prime minister said: The lynching in Jharkhand has pained me. It has saddened others too. But, some people in the Rajya Sabha are calling Jharkhand a hub of lynching. Is this fair? Why are they insulting a state? None of us have the right to insult the state of Jharkhand. Modi further said that politicians should refrain from blaming the entire state and rather isolate the perpetrators of such incidents and use law and judiciary to punish them. Dont blame the entire Jharkhand, we should not blame the entire state. Because by blaming the state, we can do our politics but the problem will not be solved. Isolate those who commit such crimes and bring them to justice through the judiciary, the prime minister said. Earlier this Sunday, Tabrez Ansari died in a hospital days after he was beaten by a mob on suspicion of theft. Later, a video emerged in which it was seen that Ansari was tied to a pole and was forced to chant A special investigation team was constituted to probe the case. So far, 11 people have been arrested in connection with the case. Taking a swipe at Congress leader Azad, he said: I think Azad sahab (Ghulam Nabi Azad) is having blurred vision, maybe he is seeing everything from political spectacles. Ghalib said something for such people ta umr Ghalib ye bhool karta raha, dhool chehre pe thi,aaina saaf karta raha


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