Noida Police to serve ‘red cards’ to those found harassing women

In order to strengthen its anti-Romeo squad, the Noida Police will issue red cards as a symbol of warning to men who harass women in public by following them or passing lewd comments. Police will also seek feedback from residents to identify localities with a greater probability of the offence. These measures are being taken to protect women from teasing and street harassment. Gautam Budh Nagar Superintendent of Police (Rural), Vineet Jaiswal said that the red card was essentially a non-coercive measure which will serve as a warning to those who harass women verbally or non-verbally. The police will maintain a register to keep a record of persons details including his address and contact details, he said. If the same person is found committing an offence of such a nature again, strict action will be taken against him, he said, adding that the main aim of serving red cards is to act as a deterrent to persons who make women feel insecure. Providing details of the red cards, the police said that the card will highlight that making derogatory comments at a woman or following her are offences that can invite jail time. To raise awareness about the move and widen its ambit, the police will also distribute feedback forms at schools and colleges beginning Thursday. The feedback forms will seek suggestions from women about areas where the presence of The Noida Police will map the areas and deploy such teams based on the feedback in the coming weeks. Jaiswal said that at times men hang around in the areas where women walk from schools, colleges or educational institutes to harass them. With the help of feedback forms, the police will identify such areas to ensure strict vigil, he added. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath-led state government launched the anti-Romeo squads within days of coming to power in May 2017 in a bid to crack down on instances of harassment and molestation of women and girls. The teams had drawn much criticism after allegations of them \u201charassing\u201d consenting couple, friends and relatives surfaced


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