Muslims are shareholders, not tenants in India, PM Modi can’t act arbitrarily, says Asaduddin Owaisi

AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi on Saturday said that PM Narendra Modi cannot act in an arbitrary manner to snatch the Constitutional rights of the minorities. Owaisi also said there was no need for Muslims to be scared by the victory of the BJP. The Constitution of India remains supreme and it makes no difference who is in power, he said while targetting the BJP, which retained power at the Centre with more than 300 seats in the just-concluded Lok Sabha polls. The Hyderabad MP said that Muslims are the shareholders and should not be considered as tenants in the country. Muslims are hissedaar (shareholders) and not kirayedaar (tenants) in India, news agency ANI quoted him as saying. They are equal citizens of this country and cannot be denied the rights guaranteed to them by the Constitution, he added. He asserted that the countrys Constitution and statutory laws give permission to follow our religion. When Indias Prime Minister Narendra Modi can go to a temple, you can also proudly visit a mosque, news agency PTI reported, quoting him as saying. Owaisi, who was re-elected from Hyderabad Lok Sabha seat for a fourth consecutive term, said his party would continue to fight for the rights of Muslims, Dalits and other oppressed people. The PM Narendra Modi-led National Democratic Alliance rode to power after winning 353 seats in the Lok Sabha election 2019. The Congress-led UPA, on the other hand, was restricted to barely 91 seats. The AIMIM managed to win two Lok Sabha seats. Owaisi also slammed those who carried out the Easter Sunday serial bomb blasts in Sri Lanka, killing over 250 people. He condemned the incident and said that such people who carry out bomb blasts at somebody elses place of worship and kill hundreds of people including children follow the teachings of the devil and not Islam. Terrorist organisation Islamic State had claimed the responsibility for the attack in the Island nation.