Lok Sabha Election 2019: Average 68.63% voting in first two phases of election

Lok Sabha Election 2019: With the completion of second phase of polling on Thursday, one third of the country Total average voter turnout in 186 seats, that account for 34% of the total 543 Lok Sabha seats, will be approximately 68.63 per cent. The average voter turnout was 69.43 per cent for 91 seats in the first phase and it is 67.84 per cent for 95 seats in the second phase. While the election in Vellore seat in Tamil Nadu was countermanded, voting in Tripura East was postponed to third phase due to law and order situation. Now the countrys election machinery is gearing up for the biggest phase in this election. Total 115 seats will go to poll in 14 states and union territories on April 23 (Tuesday). And with the completion of the third phase that account for more than one fifth of the total Lok Sabha seats in the country, the polling process for 56% or 301 of total 543 Lok Sabha seats will be over next week. However, the second phase is different from the first phase in the sense as it saw the cancellation of Lok Sabha election in Vellore Parliamentary Constituency in Tamil Nadu over the issue of misuse of money power for bribing of voters. Election Commission decided to countermand the election after seizure of more than Rs 11.48 crore from Poonjolai Srinivasan, a close associate of DMK treasurer Durai Murugan, whose son Kathir Anand was fighting election from Vellore. READ ALSO: War of Attrition: Can Mamata Banejree hold her own against challenge from BJP, Modi Election Commission was also forced to postpone the polling in Tripura East Lok Sabha seat in the state, the polling in the Lok Sabha constituency will now take place in the third phase on April 23. Second phase, also witnessed sporadic cases of violence in politically sensitive West Bengal as a vehicle of CPM Lok Sabha Member Mohammed Salim was attacked in Raiganj Lok Sabha seat in the state. While the average voter turnout is 67.84 per cent in the second phase, it was 69.43 per cent in the first phase. The average voter turnout in the second phase has seen a decline of nearly 2 per cent in comparison with the first phase. READ ALSO: India It will be easier for the election commission to manage the election as except the voting for the 4th phase on April 29, remaining three phases have just 59 seats each, substantially less than the number of seats that went to the poll in the first three phases of the election. On an average over 101 seats went to poll in the first three phases, 91, 97 and 115. READ ALSO:Pie in the sky? Rahul Gandhi will need Rs 17-18 lakh crore to implement Congress manifesto