Jammu and Kashmir: Government teachers to get salary only after getting ‘attendance certificate’ in Kishtwar

Authorities in Kishtwar district of Jammu and Kashmir have decided to release the salary of the teaching staff in government-run educational institutes only after submission of attendance certificates duly signed by parents of students and the local sarpanch. The order by District Development Commissioner Angrez Singh Rana is aimed to keep a close vigil on the functioning of educational institutes, officials said Tuesday. They said the order was issued following complaints that the teaching staff of several schools were not attending duties regularly. READ ALSO | They said inspections of schools also highlighted poor performance by students. The officials said fifth graders in some schools were unable to count up to 100. If we want government schools to improve their pass percentage, we need to take some harsh measures and I am hopeful of cooperation for the better future of students, Rana told PTI.


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