GST, demonetisation caused ‘some disturbances’, but did not shake people’s faith in PM Modi, says Harsh Vardhan

Admitting that demonetisation and the implementation of GST by the government had caused some disturbances, Union minister and BJP candidate from traders hub Chandni Chowk Harsh Vardhan has asserted that the moves have not shaken the peoples faith in Prime Minister Narendra Modis vision. In an interview to PTI, Vardhan said these bold steps of the government were appreciated by people and the criticism was politically motivated. When demonetisation was done, certainly it was a very hard, historic reform and a bold decision on the part of the government and of course, our PM Narendra Modiji. You saw the whole country stood in queues outside banks but not even a single person was unhappy because people had faith in the vision of the PM and his intentions. Although, for a small period of time, people had some small disturbances in handling cash and going to the banks for changing it. Now everyone has realised that the PM had very pious intentions. Nobody has criticised it, the Union minister of science and technology said. Asked about the discomfort caused to businessmen and traders due to the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST), he described the new tax regime as the biggest reform, which was amended from time to time on the basis of inputs given by traders. Also read: The prime minister does everything that benefits people even though, for some time, people may not like it. But after having introduced the GST reforms, he was so receptive and pragmatic in his approach that he took inputs from traders from all sections of the society, their wise suggestions were incorporated and the GST Act was amended 100-200 times, Vardhan said. Stating that the criticism of demonetisation and GST was politically motivated, he took a dig at the opposition parties, saying they had run out of issues. People in India, Delhi and in my own constituency realise that the PM has very very pure intentions and he is trying to bring about a major change in the country. He is trying to bring about reforms in the thinking of people, whereby truthfulness and honesty in business start prevailing. People have started changing to the newer reform strategy. This (GST) is no longer an issue. These issues are being raised because the opposition is devoid of issues. Even if there is some criticism in some quarters, it is all politically motivated, the 64-year-old MP from Chandni Chowk said, adding that he had faith in the traders. I have full faith in the commitment of the traders. People have so much enthusiasm and commitment for the prime minister, because everybody in this country – whether a trader, a poor man, a student or a scientist, doctor, farmer or labourer – realises that the PM has an extraordinary ability and vision, Vardhan said. Vardhan had been a four-time MLA from east Delhis Krishna Nagar Assembly constituency. He had joined the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in 1993. In the ongoing Lok Sabha polls, Vardhan is pitted against the Congresss Jai Prakash Agarwal and the Aam Aadmi Partys (AAP) Pankaj Gupta in the Chandni Chowk constituency.