From Balakot airstrike to ‘Guinness record’ for Rahul Gandhi — What all PM Modi talked about in his interview | Highlights

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday opened up about a range of issues such as his visit to Nawaz Sharif, Balakot strike, and how he got Abhinandan back in just a few days. In an interview to India TV, the Prime Minister talked about his foreign policies and his personal equation to global leaders and how Indias position has changes internationally. The Prime Minister also revealed why he made a surprise visit to Pakistan to meet then Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif. Here are the lights of the interview Balakot Evidence Demand Prime Minister Modi said that anyone has the right to demand evidence. He said political leaders also have the right to demand evidence, but they should accept those evidence. However, the problem with the opposition is that they demand and demand, but do not accept. The biggest evidence of the air strike is Pakistan itself, added. PM Modi on meeting Nawaz Sharif The Prime Minister said that his visit to Lahore was a goodwill gesture. Modi said that he went there because he thought, Sharif was a genuine person and could do something. Modi said that his visit did one good thing that it changed the perception of the people of Pakistan that India does not bear ill-will towards them. He further said that his visit sent a message to the people of that country that India desires well being of the people of Pakistan. Referring to Pathankot attack, Modi said that his visit also convinced the world that India was not wrong and it wanted peace with Pakistan. PM Modi on Wing Commander Abhinandan Without revealing much, Prime Minister Modi said that it was a dark night and there were many mysteries buried in the darkness of that night. Let those mysteries stay as they are, he said. When asked an American report that suggested India had deployed 12 missiles towards Pakistan, the prime minister said that he also heard a lot. PM Modi on Rahul Gandhi The Prime Minister said that the problem with Rahul Gandhi is that he doesnt study properly. He said that if there was any Guinness award for lying then Rahul Gandhi would come first. Modi said this in response to a question where Rahul Gandhi had alleged that PM had given free land to businesspersons. The Prime Minister said that it sounded more like a script written by Avengers scriptwriter.