Euphoric endorsement Narendra Modi enjoyed in 2014 is missing: Pratap Bhanu Mehta

Midway through the Lok Sabha election, it is clear that the euphoric endorsement Narendra Modi enjoyed in 2014 is missing, and it is more In fact, it is not the kind of euphoric endorsement. It is Also read: There Mehta said a distinctive aspect of the BJP This is a right wing whose civil society presence is now of an unprecedented order of magnitude. It can mobilise five million RSS workers. It has become the new normal across a range of institutions from universities to courts to armed forces. I think the first step is in recognising the fact that there is something much deeper going on which is beyond electoral politics, in the terms in which we want to define our relationship with other citizens, Observing that even the political vocabulary used to debate and discuss is now compromised, he said the words We are straining to recover that language and vocabulary. I think it is going to be a long intellectual haul, To a question from a member of the audience on whether illiberalism was not first introduced by Indira Gandhi, Mehta said he not only agreed but would go a little further to say Indira Gandhi But describing the present dispensation It also comes with an agenda which says minorities allegedly had a veto in Indian politics and now we will make them irrelevant to Indian politics. It also comes with the agenda that says let us nationalise all thoughts such that who is a patriot and a citizen requires a certification from that centralised authority. This is also a remaking of Indian political culture story. It cannot even go out and say Kashmir is a lot more precarious now than it was five years ago. It is public amnesia, right? It cannot even go out and say that the great moment of recognition on which the government staked its reputation was the US-India nuclear deal and here we are struggling to get into the NSC, right?\u201d