BJP mixing religion, politics through ‘Jai Sri Ram’ slogan: Mamata Banerjee

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Sunday alleged that the BJP was mixing religion with politics by repeatedly using the Jai Sri Ram phrase. Jai Sia Ram, Jai Ram ji ki, Ram naam Satya hai etc have religious and social connotations. We respect these sentiments. But BJP is using religious slogan Jai Sri Ram as their party slogan in a misconceived manner by way of mixing religion with politics (sic), she said in a Facebook post. Banerjee said she had no problem regarding any particular slogan being used in political rallies or events of a party. We do not respect this forcible enforcement of political slogans on others., she said. The Trinamool Congress supremo also said attempts were being made to propagate the ideology of hatred, which should be opposed. This is a deliberate attempt to sell hatred ideology through vandalism and violence, which we must oppose together, Banerjee wrote. The chief minister has lost her cool twice in the past few weeks over people chanting Jai Sri Ram at a few places in the state, as her motorcade passed through those areas.