Benetton’s election ad targets political parties over false promises

Print ads that make use of provocative body copy were believed to be a thing of the While centered on the general elections, the ad depicts a rural woman with her voter ID in hand, while the body copy alongside exposes the typical false promises made by politicians during elections. The ad promptly reminds the electorate that in saying so, politicians seem to project rather wrongly, that they have the power to give the public what it needs, while also deciding what the common person should Benetton, with its line, The print effort, mostly targeting metros through English dailies, is complemented by a digital campaign as well. UCB is not a new contender to latch onto matters that concern the public. Globally, the apparel major released its United By series of commercials in 2016 as a part of its association with social causes like women empowerment, anti-racism drives, etc. The creative idea has seen topics like women Its latest #UnitedByVote effort, focussing on the elections, is the 10th campaign in the series. Across its top stores in metros, Benetton has also lined up eye-catching display materials that prompt consumers to evaluate whether they even know the candidate in their constituency, what are the parameters they are considering while voting (health, education, etc), and other relevant questions to figure out the top most priority for India Towards the results of the elections, the brand could plan more activities around the findings of such on-ground engagement. The brand, however, has consciously avoided television advertising this time, considering the magnanimity and duration of the elections conducted in seven phases, which make it tough to keep the message unique on a mass medium for long. Furthermore, more brands are using digital to create engagement around the current election as opposed to the past editions, for obvious reasons. Unless creatively done, it may be tough to stand out. They are either encouraging people to go out and cast their votes, or are taking a satirical view of the promises made by netas in India in an effort to increase conversations of national interest. According to branding mavericks, the general elections pose yet another opportunity for brands to latch onto, much like issues to do with racism, women empowerment or occasions like Women Except that with the elections, brands have a larger opportunity to take a stand about the Indian democracy and showcase their point of view. With so many brands exercising their own rights to Having said that, it is important that the brand Otherwise it risks being seen as forced and could add to the cacophony.