‘Are you the judge’? Kailash Vijayvargia fumes at journalist for questioning him on son’s unlawful act

Senior BJP leader Kailash Vijayvargiya lost his cool on being asked about his sons arrest on Wednesday. His son, Akash Vijayvargiya, was arrested after he was caught on camera thrashing an Indore municipal corporation officer. Akash Vijayvargiya is a BJP leader and the current Indore MLA. The incident occured when the Indore municipal corporation was carrying out an anti-encroachment drive in Ganji area. Akash and his supporters arrived at the spot and got into an altercation with the officials. They claimed that the houses were being razed so that Congress leaders could take possession of the land. The house was not in that bad a condition. Some officials of the municipal corporation are razing even those houses which are in good condition by declaring them dilapidated, Akash told news agency PTI. A video of the incident, that has gone viral shows Akash beating a municpal officer with a cricket bat. Eyewitnesses say that his supporters also climbed on top of the JCB machine that was carrying out the demolition. Akash was arrested withing hours of the incident. He was produced before an Indore court and sent to judicial custody till July 7. His bail has been denied. While his son was bearing the brunt of his arrogance and complete diregard for law, his father Kailash Vijayvargiya spoke to a Hindi news channel and put up quite a show himself. Speaking to News24, he was asked if he would condemn son, who is an MLA, for hitting the Indore municipal corporation officer with a cricket bat. The BJP general secretary lashed out asking the journalist to not act like a judge. Are you a judge? How can you pronounce a judgement on this case? Vijayvargiya said. #KailashVijayvargiya #AkashVijayvargiya #News24 @INCIndia @BJP4India @BJP4MP @INCMP @OfficeOfKNath @digvijaya_28 pic.twitter.com\/blGvWkK2u7 Who are you? What is your reputation? You will pass a judgement on an MLA? Apni aukaat dekhiye pehle, Vargiya told the anchor. Before the anchor could reply, Vijayvargiya abruptly disconnected the call. The court has denied bail to Akash Vijayvargiya and he will remain in judicial custody till July 7. Akashs father Kailash Vijayvargia is an influential leader from Madhya Pradesh holds immense sway within the party. He has been instrumental in the BJPs victory in the Lok Sabha elections and is credited with crafting the BJPs rise in West Bengal.


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